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Welcome to your Math Club Students Connection !

Use this page to read new information, your club's activities and free worksheets, etc. Each week, a mathematician will be chosen to display a short summary of his contribution to the field of mathematics. You do not want to miss that! Each week, a star student will be chosen from each grade classroom. Each group of 10 students will pick a name for their group. Start thinking of some good name for your team. Your teachers will be keeping track of your earned Math-stars. Together, all your coaches are going to rank each group and we will announce the results here! Winning team will win a party at the end of the year! We will play some fun math games within each group.

Know your hero

This week's mathematician is Aryabhata. His contributions to mathematics were recorded in his book Aryabhatiya. His most known contributions are very first records of a place value system and description of ZERO, descriptive calculation formulas written using alphabets instead of numbers, etc. Read more about him at

Star Student of the first session

Grade 4- Shreyaa G. and Anushka P. are our first two star students.

Grade 5 & 6 - Ambarish S, Urmi M, Evan S. are our first three star students.

Sample Worksheets

We will post some sample worksheets from time to time. check here... Sample Worksheets

Quick reference tables

We use tables for multiplication, unit conversion, etc. find more...

Rules of Math Club

we follow all rules stated by the club and school , read more...

Classes on Campus

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