The importance of communication skills to students cannot be overstated. Effective communication skills will not just help our children participate in a crowded classroom, but will enable them to stand out in a crowd.

Our goals are to help our children:

  • Speak concisely and precisely, with confidence and clarity.

  • Develop and deliver informative speeches, and connect with audience.

  • Embrace disagreement and arguments of opposite views.

  • Develop critical thinking.

  • Develop teamwork & leadership skills.


We have developed our year long program based on Middle-School & High School Public Speaking & Debate concepts.

Students & Parent Coaches meet once every week for an hour to enrich students' presentation and communication skills with Public Speaking & Debate sessions. Industry leaders and guest speakers will provide real-world examples.

Typical class schedule for this program may include:

  • 15 mins: Introducing Public Speaking & Debate topics

  • 30 mins: Practicing Public Speaking & Debate

  • 10 mins: Review

  • 5 mins: Discuss next topic

Curriculum 2021-22 - Coming soon....

Curriculum 2020-21 Program

Below schedule, we will follow till winter break for Speech & Debate. 4th and 5th grades both will have the same topics with minor variation.