Our key objective is to:

    • Teach students the fundamentals of computer programming in a way that cultivates creativity and critical thinking.

    • Teach students how to design their own game using Scratch.

    • Familiarize students with the internals of web pages and help them create their own.


We have developed an optimized computer programming curriculum to introduce students to computer programming skills.

Our club meets weekly for an hour in which we instill in our students programming skills inline with our GATE club objectives.

Curriculum 2021-22 Program - Coming soon....

Curriculum : 2020-2021

4th Grade:

    • Scratch https://scratch.mit.edu/

    • Sprite, Backdrop and Motions.

    • Costumes & Sounds

    • Build a simple game

    • WIX and HTML

    • Introduction to WIX and how to create websites using it.

    • Introduction to basic HTML concepts.

    • Build a website using WIX and HTML fundamentals.

5th Grade:

    • CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)

      • Fundamentals of Html and CSS

      • Colors, Backgrounds and boxes

      • Fonts and Icons

      • Display, and position

    • Javascript

      • Introduction to JS, Conditionals, Functions and Scope

      • Arrays, Loops and Iterators

      • Integrations into CSS and HTML

    • Make the webpage more beautiful with CSS and Javascript