Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which organization conducts the program?

TGIF@WS is operated under The Gifted in Fremont(TGIF), a non-profit parent advocacy group for GATE identified students.

Who is eligible to participate?

This program is exclusively available to all Warm Springs GATE identified students. Active Parent Volunteering as part of the WS Gate Program, is a MUST HAVE requirement to register for this program. Please Get Involved and contact us for more information. TGIF membership is a prerequisite to participate in this program.

Are there any fees involved to participate in programs or contests?

We do not charge any tuition fees from students. Yes, there a @$100 annual membership fees charged from parents in the beginning of the year. This fees is utilized to cover the cost of materials, appreciation gifts, awards, certificates, trophies, books, etc. External contests like MOEM level E and M, may be charged additional to this annual membership, due to cost of registration, study material, etc. The PICO and Moderators of this exam do not charge any fees for their contributions.

Is this a school event?

No, this is not a school event but it takes place on WS school campus with School administration’s permission. This program is managed, taught and administered one hundred percent by GATE parent volunteers. All volunteers adhere to code of conduct and strict facility usage guidelines as described by Warm Springs School Administration. WS@TGIF facilities administrator signs facility usage agreement with school in the beginning of the year.

Who sponsors this event?

This program is managed and funded one hundred percent by Parent Volunteers. WS@TGIF operates on principle of minimalistic approach to creative curriculum. Our major investment is our talented pool of parents who volunteer their time to support this program without any monetary charges.

Are there any additional vendors participating in this program?

No. Third party vendors do not participate in this program. Based on feasibility, we allow eligible High School Students, either individual contributors or founders of small non-profit student oriented organizations conduct a few coaching lessons during program. This is also a volunteer effort and they do not charge any tuition fees from our students.

What is your program Objective?

EMPOWER, ENRICH and ENLIGHTEN our GATE identified kids with academic yet versatile after school program.

What type of programs do you offer?

Currently we are offering enrichment programs in Mathematics, Science, Computer Programming and Speech & Debate.

How does this Program work?

Active parent volunteering is a MUST requirement to join this program. Volunteering activities involve teaching, doing prep work and any administrative work needed by program coordination team to run the class/program.

How is this program different from TGIF (The Gifted in Fremont) programs?

WS@TGIF is one of TGIF’s satellite school site. We may organize some programs in coordination with TGIF, however our programs are exclusively offered to Warm Springs Elementary School’s GATE certified students. By participating in Warm Springs GATE program, you agree to the TGIF's release and waiver of liability. TGIF is a registered non-profit that allows us access to the school facilities at no charge, and covers minimum liability insurance for classroom use.

At a glance some differences are:

Membership fee (annual): TGIF has a $40 (2017) annual family membership fee, while WS club requires registration fee of $100 (WS - per GATE student) in addition to the TGIF membership fee.

Additional fees: For TGIF programs, several external vendor programs have negotiated discounted fees (per student GATE or Sibling or parent for parent classes). WS GATE clubs do not have any fees for the weekly clubs as they are run by volunteers.

Activity timings for TGIF activities are usually evenings/weekends, while WS GATE programs are 2 days after school.

Who can participate: TGIF activities are open to all children in the member family (fees per student), while WS GATE is only available to the participating WS GATE identified students.

How do I access your program material for my child?

ONLY registered students have access to program materials. Sharing program details are strictly prohibited. Each parent signs CONSENT agreement to maintain confidentiality of this program details including personal contacts. Please contact us for more details. We can help you to get registered in our program, so you can volunteer and access material.

How can my Child participate in Math Olympiad?

Yes, WS GATE program offers Math Olympiad exams for Elementary Grades 4 - 6 and students are trained for it as part of Math club. You must be a registered WS GATE student to participate in MO exams. Refer to MOEMS for further details on Math Olympiad.

Is the registration fees refundable?

No, fees cannot be refunded as a policy. If for any reason your child discontinues the program, you forfeit the donated amount to the program. We ask parents to only make payment after their volunteering club has been confirmed by the chair or other board members.

How do you secure my personal information collected as part of Sign Up OR Program Registration process?

We follow FUSD GATE confidentiality guidelines. We do not publish or share any personal email Id/phone numbers / student names with anybody outside our program participants. Sharing any personal information and program details outside of the registered students is strictly prohibited – per agreement.

I registered for an event/program but was told I may not be a member. Why?

Actual registration for specific program is the LAST step of our program registration process. Parent needs to Sign Up first. Please visit our Home page for step by step process to register for this program. Please contact us for more information.

Is there any trial class/drop-In concept for trial before actual program registration?

No, Currently there is no such provision for a trial class. Only registered kids are eligible to attend any class. Please contact us for more information.

Can I register for more than one program?

If we have ONE parent volunteering actively for at least ONE program, respective child becomes eligible for all programs offered by after school GATE Enrichment program committee.

I missed the program registration deadline by a few hours. Can I still request a registration?

No. We have a seat limit in each program we offer. We maintain a healthy parent-student ratio as per TGIF guidelines. We try to accommodate as many students as we can, strictly on a first come first served basis. Most of our workshops/clubs get filled up very quickly. It is not possible for us to register after the deadline has past.

Do you have Drop off and pickup Service?

No, Parents are responsible for timely drop-off and pick up their child from classroom. There is a $5 penalty for every 5 minutes block of delays.

I am registered for this program, but I am not receiving emails from the Google Group. Why?

Please contact ws_treasurer@giftedinfremont.org or ws_director@giftedinfremont.org or ws_program_manager@giftedinfremont.org as soon as possible. Our WSGIFTED google group is highly secured (per FUSD GATE program confidentiality requirements) and detailed information is only available to registered members. If you are volunteering for ONE program and your child is registered then you should be receiving group emails, if not, then our Treasurer, Program Manager or Director can help you to get it fixed.

I tried to join the WSGIFTED Google Group by sending an e-mail to the subscribe address. However, my request was rejected. Why?

Please follow the registration process outlined in Home Page for formal registration, after that you will be added to WSGIFTED google group.

I submitted the registration form but I didn't get any email confirmation. Is my registration successful?

The current registration form does not send email confirmation. After you have entered all your information and submitted the registration form, your registration will be processed by the volunteers. This process usually takes a week or so. After a week, you should expect an email from WS GATE board welcoming you and asking you to complete registration by paying the registration fee.

Whom should I contact if I have questions about the program that are not answered by this FAQ?

Please contact ws_program_manager@giftedinfremont.org or ws_director@giftedinfremont.org for further questions you may have.