WS Math club rules on campus.

New - please read.

Rainy days and student assembly instructions - If its raining, math club kids can directly go to their math club classrooms after brain games club is over. Blue bench assembly will not be feasible on rainy days. They will use their break for restroom and can eat quick snacks under the shade outside of the classroom. While on campus, all rules listed below to maintain discipline must be followed, at all times. Parents should also plan accordingly to arrive for a timely pick-up.

Discipline policy to attend the math club on campus -

Math club objective is, kids learning important math strategies. While our focus is on quality material and instruction, discipline and safety are always our top priority.

If you do not follow rules, you will be issued a yellow slip and a BIG homework packet. You can re-enter the classroom next week, only if you have completed the homework packet. All other rules related to yellow slip also apply.

We want all math club students to make a good choice for their better and bright future.

This is a strict policy effective immediately.