Curriculum and Math Olympiad

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Math Olympiad:

Math Olympiad second test will be conducted starting December. All elementary grade level 4-5-6 students who have registered already, will receive reminder email. Strategy Preparation has started in math club sessions already. Happy Problem Solving!


This is a sample curriculum. Focus & depth of mathematical concepts may vary in each session and according to grade level.

For Fifth and Sixth grade students, math Olympiad worksheets will be used to help kids learn problem solving strategies. Coaches go over math problem solving strategies and help students identify which strategy to apply.

    • Learn the basics -

    • First read and analyze the problem.

    • Can you break it into smaller problems? Its worth a try.

    • Simplify using tools like,

      • divisibility rules.

      • known patterns.

      • I know my formulas.

      • hey, I see a pattern !

    • Learn different strategies -

    • Draw a picture/diagram.

      • Can you sort through given data?

      • Do you know your actors?

      • Have you heard of Venn Diagram?

    • Make a List.

    • Build a Table.

    • Is there a pattern?

    • Can you guess?

    • Work backwards from a possible solution.

    • Trial and Error? Oh yeah.

    • Act it out !

    • Form an equation. That might do the trick.

    • Take another look.

    • Think outside the box. Totally! May be you need to combine more than one strategy.

  • Data

    • what is it?

    • Why do we need it?

    • how to gather data?

    • how to analyze, organize and represent data?

    • Can you build any product without data? Share your opinion with class.

  • Survey

    • Introduction and why do we need it anyway?

    • Build a survey.

    • Ask Questions.

    • Tally the results.

    • Build a table of results.

    • Discuss your survey results with the class.

  • Graphs

    • learn to read different types of graphs.

    • Where do you find the graphs?

    • can you analyze a given graph?

    • why graphs are important?

    • Read a graph and try to provide same data in just words instead of graph.

    • Do graphs make it easy? Present your conclusion to the class.

All our Fourth grade students will learn from array of problems and will learn new concepts from ones listed below -

  • Mental Math - learn many tricks using ancient math techniques around the world.

    • Vedic mathematics - brief introduction.

    • trick of number 9

    • trick of number 11

    • can you square a number fast?

    • multiplying large numbers, tricky ways to do it fast.

  • Patterns and Sequences - Fibonacci, increasing growth pattern, geometric growth pattern.

    • Fibonacci, the sequence and its importance in math.

    • How do you use it?

    • where do you find it?

    • What is a golden ratio?

  • Algebra - introduction to polynomials, inequalities.

    • identify number of variables.

    • form your equations.

    • learn to balance two sides of equation.

    • what are inequalities?

  • Geometry - shapes, regular polygons, Euler's formula. Build 3D models.

    • Going beyond basic, familiar shapes.

    • What are regular polygons?

    • Euler's formula - introduction and easy problems.

    • Learn platonic solids and build 3D models of the famous 5.

  • Permutations & Combinations

  • Probability & Statistics

  • Ratios, rates & Percentages - word problems

  • Set Theory - Venn Diagrams

  • Advanced Word Problems - Time and work.