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This is an Optional Enrichment program for WS GATE certified students only.  Registration for this School Year is Closed Now!

The below sign up form is just to express your interest in this program. A very first STEP towards registration

Program Participation Criteria
  1. FUSD GATE Certified Student
  2. Active Member of TGIF (PTA of GATE students & parents organization authorized by FUSD)
  3. Registration Fees of $100 per parent payable via TGIF. Link to pay fees will be sent to a registered parent email address once student registration is verified.
  4. Mandatory Parent Volunteering for the following roles:
    • 'Program Director, Program Manager and Program Treasurer' - WS GATE Program board member
      • Administrative work to manage the entire program - 1 seat each for the entire program
    • 'Club Chair' - WS GATE Program board member
      • Creating/managing curriculum and coordination of club and volunteers - 1 seat for each club
    • 'Club Volunteer' - WS GATE Program general member
      • Teaching/prep work required to run the respective club effectively - 8 to 10 seats for each club
    • 'Class Room Co-ordinator' - WS GATE Program general member
      • Co-ordinate classrooms for clubs, manage students outside classrooms - 8 to 10 seats for each day
  5. Positive attitude towards volunteering and community service.

The process to Get Involved

STEP 1: Complete REGISTRATION FORM for WS GATE Program board/TGIF verification. This form is only for information collection, no payment needed at this step. Specify the clubs that you want to volunteer for. If maximum volunteer limit is reached for a club, specify your club preference in the WAIT list in order of preference. Final club and volunteer selection are done by WS GATE Board of Directors. See FAQ for clarification.

STEP 2: Get or renew TGIF membership (non-refundable) - This is an independent activity but a must-have before you proceed to Step 3. All the participating families need to be TGIF member to participate in this program. Being a TGIF member, enables you to participate in TGIF sponsored programs.

STEP 3: Once all the above information is verified and volunteer details are worked out with the respective club chairs, WS GATE Program Board will send an email with a link to pay for the $100 NON-REFUNDABLE WS GATE Program Registration Fees. See FAQ for clarification.

STEP 4: Once the registration fee is paid and Parent/GATE Committee volunteering roles are assigned, Students become eligible for the program.

STEP 5: WS GATE Program Board will add you to 2019-20 WS gifted in Fremont google group This google group is used for all communication related to the WS GATE Program throughout the year.

STEP 6: Registration process is completed.

Registration for this School Year is Closed Now!