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New Parents Orientation

For WS GATE identified students and parents Only

Friday, 13th September 2019 

Location: Warm Spring Elementary Multipurpose room

Time: 6:45pm


TGIF@WS is operated under The Gifted in Fremont(TGIF), a non-profit parent advocacy group for GATE identified students. This is a student enrichment program outside the normal school curriculum, which is managed, taught and funded completely by GATE parent volunteers. Parent volunteering is mandatory for each participating gifted ws student.


Learn about our academic yet well rounded after-school enrichment program.

Know about our commitment to a quality experience.

Meet the board members and club chairs.

Hear about experience from our  parent volunteers.

Learn about our clubs and their creative curriculum.

Know the rules, code of conduct for participation.

Find a volunteering fit for club of your interest.

Find procedure to apply for our program. 


Your child's GATE qualification letter as invitation pass. 

Please redact the result(%) information.