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MOEM ONLY registration

MOEM Registration Schedule, TBD for year 2020-2021

If you choose to register for Math Olympiad Level M Exam with Warm Springs team, please submit this MOEM ONLY REGISTRATION form. 

Who can register? 
  • This option is available only to GATE students from 6th, 7th or 8th grade.
  • If 6th grader is already enrolled in this year's GATE on campus program, he/she need not submit this form. All enrolled 6th grade students are auto-enrolled on math olympiad level M exam.
  • Level E students will not be allowed to register for exam only option.
  • A student can only be part of one level team at a given year.
  • Parents of MO only child will be asked to volunteer few turns on-campus to support our GATE program.