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  • To provide Math Enrichment for motivated students.
  • To provide a positive experience that shows Math can be fun!
  • To stimulate enthusiasm and a love for Mathematics.
  • To introduce important Mathematical concepts.
  • To discuss major strategies for problem-solving.
  • To strengthen Mathematical intuition.
  • To foster Mathematical creativity and ingenuity.
  • To provide satisfaction, joy, and thrill of meeting challenges.

We are presenting a year-long math program, primarily based on the Math Olympiad curriculum. GATE Students & Parent Coaches meet once every week for an hour to enrich GATE students' mathematics skills with advanced mathematical concepts inline with our program objectives. 

Below are previous years links- We will update as we move forward!

Awards and Accomplishments - Will be updated

We are very proud of our math achievers. read more... Awards and Accomplishments

Curriculum and Math Olympiad - Will be updated

This is a sample curriculum. Focus & depth of mathematical concepts may vary in each session and according to grade level. read more... Curriculum

Students Connection - Will be updated - Will be updated

Students of fourth, & fifth  grade can connect at... Student's Connection

Curriculum 2020-21 Program 

4th and 5th grades will have the same topics with different complexities.

Class NumberTopic
Class 1
Number Patterns
Finding number of terms in an arithmetic sequence
Class 2Finding sum of an arithmetic sequence
Class 3Arithmetic Sequences practice
Class 4Geometric Sequences practice
Class 5Sequence practice
Class 6Introduction/Intro To Factoring/Prime Factorization
Class 7
Playing with Factors(Sum/Number of/Product/Exercises)
Class 8Special factoring Tricks
Class 9SFFT, More Advanced Factorization
Class 10Activity with Everything We've Learned(Kahoot/Unit Test)
Class 11
Single variable equations
Class 12Two variable equations
Class 13
Fractions 1
Class 14Fractions 2
Class 15Fractions 3
Class 16
Area and Perimeter of basic shapes and intro to angles
Class 17Circle Properties
Class 18Right Triangle Properties
Class 193D geometry
Class 20Similar Shapes
Class 21
Divisibility 1
Class 22Divisibility 2
Class 23Divisibility 3
Class 24
Time Problems
Clock hand angles
Class 25basic speed, distance, time problems
Class 26advanced speed, distance, time problems (trains)