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Brain Games

There is no problem that can't be solved!

"Play is often talked about as if it were relief from serious learning.  But for children, play is serious learning.  Play is really the work of childhood."

-- Fred Rogers



Imagine you are sending your child off hiking by herself.  The road will be bumpy and unpredictable.  Along with a comfortable, sturdy pair of shoes, and a hat for sun protection, you can send with her a backpack, packed with the resources you think she may need on her journey.  What resources would you pack in that backpack? 

As parents, we are responsible for helping our children prepare for their journey on the Road of Life.  As much as we may want to accompany them to the end of their journey, we cannot.  Eventually, they must go ahead without us.  What we CAN do is to help them pack for that journey.  So, during the times when they are traveling beside us, we teach them the best we can to give them the skills they will need when they must go forward alone.  

An essential resource they must acquire is the mental strength...PERSISTENCE.  Our children need the ability to think of ways around obstacles they encounter, the confidence to know that if they keep trying, they can find a solution.  They need the resilience to pick themselves up after they fall down, to dust themselves off and keep going.  For without persistence, even the person best prepared academically will fail to get very far in life.

We must equip our children with the resources they will need to overcome the obstacles on their long road ahead in life.



The objective is to teach persistence.  We try to do this with play.  The focus of this club will be on solving riddles, puzzles, brain teasers, and other mind stimulating games.  The kids will have fun and have their minds stimulated at the same time.  Following are some of the possible benefits:

·       Improve creative thinking

·       Practice persistence and self-motivation

·       Gain knowledge and alternate perspectives

·       Improve confidence and resilience


In this club, kids will be working on mind stimulating challenges presented in fun and interesting games. When they finally solved the problem, they feel a sense of pride in their achievement.  To further build on that, the club will focus on making the learning more fun and success more rewarding to entice further participation.  Each time they try, they practice applying effort, patience, developing methods to solve problems, boosting their self-confidence, and nurturing their resilience.  With enough practice, these traits become part of our children's nature.


Click on the Sample Curriculum for examples of problems the kids may work on. Since students and volunteers are encouraged to bring in their favorite brain games to share in the club. As a result, contents of the curriculum will vary between classes and may be changed at the discretion of the club volunteers.

Information for Club Volunteers

If you enjoy playing with your kids, this club is for you!   But instead of playing with just your kid(s), you will be playing with a bigger group of kids.  When we play with our kids, we don't give them the answers right away.  Instead, we try to guide them to get to the solution by asking them thought-provoking questions.  The goal is to make getting to the solution an involved but positive experience.  Gifted kids love a challenge.  You will be amazed by the creativity these kids have. There is a lot of flexibility in this club. Teach the brain games that YOU enjoy.  

Please remember that we are all volunteers, so it is important that you show up for when you are expected each day our club meets. Because without the volunteers, the clubs cannot run.   

Also please respect that the classrooms we use are on loan to us from the teacher.  We are to bring and use ALL our own supplies and materials.  It is not okay for the students or volunteers to disturb the classroom in any way.  (Leave the classroom EXACTLY as you have found it, please.)

Club Activities

Come back here when classes start to find out what the kids did in our meetings.

Club Motto

There is no problem that can't be solved!

(...only people who can't solve problems.)

Club Seal

Club History
The Brain Games Club at Warm Springs Elementary was founded in 2015-2016 school year by Judy Chu, who believes strongly that children learns well through playing.  The key to directing their learning through play is to choose the right kind of play.  

Web pages for more info on Letterboxing: and

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